Once upon a forest, Nainital

Once upon a forest, a hidden gem in the hidden valley of Hariyal

Arpita Agnihotri

Dreamer, explorer and writer by choice. She started writing just to kill time but now that is one of the hobbies she cherishes the most. She runs on junk food and dreams of going on a world tour one day.

If you live in Delhi and have a wanderer’s mind then you must have visited the lake city, Nainital. Although, the lake city is a marvel in itself, there lies …

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She is an engineer by day, reader at twilight and a blogger by night. On weekends, she is a wanderlust with attention to detail and nuances. She channelizes all the hard earned passion from travel into her dancing and writing, and that has made her an aspiring travel blogger who cherishes the journey ahead and beyond.

There are people who travel for a break. There are those who travel for the place. And then there are those who travel stretches and belts of lands to discover …

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